Weekly Review

Alhamdulillah, before starting for typing something in this post, I stop for a while to complete my reading of Qur’an translation, almost finish for Juz 30, Today is the target to finish it after several times are delayed. Delayed by many reasons.

Khatam for 30 Juz of Qur’an translation, it’s needed several months, so long. Well, I think to get better understanding I must find out another Qur’an translation, sounds Ibnu Katsir book for Tafseer Qur’an is good, may Allah guide me to get this book sooner, and I can start to read it as soon as possible…InsyaaAllah. If not, I think I’ll read Ihya’ Al Ghazali or Riyadhus Shalihin, books which are collected by my father.

What’re the review for facing this week :

  • Several days ago; Alhamdulillah, I finished to recite Qur’an (Khatam) and a few days later I started it from 1st Juz. May Allah guides me to repair my reading based on right tajweed
  • Previous week, I have plenty activities relate with my house and around : iron my pending laundry, change praying clothes at nearby Mosque, fortunately… I could wash my laundry well even the weather is rainy, clean the house and mop, organize some trashy stuff inside and make it more useful #I Hope
  • For outside house, there were activities, such : visited my friend who just arrived from Mecca after performing Hajj, visited my friend at Surabaya for her starting point to joint cooking class and had a meeting with some officer of the institution, and on weekend together with my some cousins and a friend who starting cooking class in Surabaya..we watched the movie in Royal Plaza, the movie was “Deepwater Horizon”. My personal review regarding the movie is “It’s recommended movie and superb, I got meaningful lesson about the life of officers who works at Oil Company with very very high risk”. This movie made me always awake during the show, usually when I was watching the movie I slept for 5-10 minutes during the show :p.
  • And Ok, last week I gave up and break my fasting from facebook, there’re something to do with this social media and I hope I can share useful information or pictures based on my experiences I did. So many pictures are saved in my memory card or my notebook, at anytime I need to remove it or at anytime my notebook will be broken, so I need to backup them earlier. I think some of them will be saved on social media (especially for photos of traveling).
  • Yeah, my bike had been repaired, I tested it in the yard of my home, still no issue, I haven’t tested it outside, insyaaAllah I’ll test it later outside.

(will be continued, the electricity is temporary OFF)


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Barakah Morning

Alhamdulillah, my skirt is ready to used, the tailor is my own cousin not to far from my house. The cloth of this shirt is from Palembang, called “Songket”, my brother gave it to me few months ago. It will be used on my another cousin wedding, insyaaAllah the wedding party will be On Friday, September 30, 2016.

While waiting my skirt is being prepared, I visit my another cousin who will have wedding party Tomorrow, I tried to help small things I can, because from Yesterday I haven’t done anything to help her. Suddenly, not just small things but another surprise things I did, I acted like mothers in general, I said to my aunt and others cousins “what I dreamed last night, how come I do these job “, then they laughed.

Almost, gonna back home after taking my skirt and some dresses to the tailor, suddenly my cousin request to pick her daughter up to the play group “O oh oh, who is the parent, why me, I act like mother again”, my cousin replied me “It’s trigger for you”, I just could say “Okay, I’ll do it, just prepare the fee for me”, she and her husband laughed, then my another cousin said “Iis, you make the school for kids”, I could say “insyaaAllah 5 years later :), I’m not ready if this year”.

After picking my second cousin up to her school, I backed home and turned on my notebook, suddenly I remembered  about my cycle, saw it, took it and I brought it to repair shop to configured it as good as he can, I want my back healthy :d, so I can cycling every day I want.

Morning text of Today is :

Every single success you experience is a combination of two things ; your effort and Allah’s help. When you don’t put in enough effort, Allah does not give His barakah. And sometimes you might put in a lot of effort, but you may not see the result you expected. That, also, is Allah’s Barakah -Nouman Ali Khan-

⇒ footnote ⇐

Barakah is Arabic word for “Blessing”

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Set the Intention


∞ Today’s Question/Statement :

Create a list of activities that make you happy; set the intention to do one each week this month. Write about how this made you feel.

Below are the activities I’ll do to make my life more valuable & upgraded :

  • Repair my bike, and I’ll start to cycling every morning
  • Self – Learning from Books I had for language ; Japanese & English, I’ll make raw journal for these by hand writing
  • Of course, reading and writing
  • Cooking class

Well, about the feeling after doing those, insyaaAllah I’ll share it later, may my good intention run well.

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I’m Back ; “Morning Text” Program is Started

Alhamdulillah, I’m back again for writing with my inner spirit, may Allah help me to organize my soul and my words.

Well, insyaaAllah started from Today I’m gonna start to make personal program of writing, I name it with “Morning Text”. It’s intended to trigger my spirit, to greet others and also greet myself.

Good Morning, and it’s my first morning text for Today :


“Many people wish to fight like the sahaba did in the battle of Badr, but the truth is they can’t even fight the battle of Fajr”

Indeed ↑, this morning I almost lose myself to fight the battle of Fajr. When Shubuh Adzan voices from the mosque near my house, I felt I wouldn’t go there to pray Shubuh together, but Alhamdulillah…He moved me up, He got me up & I could exit from my room and took Wudu, and run to mosque to catch up the Shubuh praying together.

Let’s seize the morning & win the battle … !!!

⇒Foot note⇐

*Sahaba is Arabic word for ‘Companion’, it’s used often to refer to the companions, disciples, scribes and the family of Prophet Muhammad.

*The battle of Badr was the most important among the Islamic battles of Destiny.

*Fajr is Arabic word for ‘Dawn”.

*Wudu refers to the mental preparation and physical cleanliness of Muslims for the Salat (prayer).

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Sounds of Nature



Stuck, stuck & stuck again for writing. Hello me, what’s going on inside ?. Is there “something” bothering its inner peace ? Well, I think so, I need some of nature medicine to bring me back as normal of me :).

From April to May, there were some trips I made ; Makassar, Mamuju, Papua & Denpasar. What a blessing trips, I’m very thankful for it. When back to home, hmmm…OK, so many home works I must finish it, welcome to normal routines.

This Morning, after maintaining my early morning agendas, I decide to do cycling. Recall myself to redefine inner peaceful that almost list from myself…Rabbiy Ihdinasshirathal Mustaqiym.

Sounds of nature become main menu when I’m in the middle of green field. Stop for a while at the river just for listening the water’s song. After minutes, move to another spot just for sitting, and suddenly the birds are ringing in different tone, but they’re heard so nice, I like them.

Good Morning our beautiful world ; may Allah always gives us inner peace & happiness…Aamiin Yaa Dhohir, Yaa Bathin. What’s your good deed project for Today ?, just start it !!!.

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In The Middle of Rice Field


Alhamdulillah, my bike is bringing me to my favourite spot in my home town. After opening some windows and cleaning my room, I prepare myself for biking and seize the morning.

Personally, morning has different energy to empower my spirit. Morning always gives better understanding to acknowledge me about many things. And, inside the morning I’m very thankful for each blessing…Asy Kuru Lillah ‘ala kulli haal.

An error morning is when after getting up and continued with subh praying (praying before the sun down), I directly sleep. It really makes my whole day disturbed. There’s an extra effort for making everything back to normal.

What a beautiful & great moment when I’m writing I can enjoy impressive & inspiring morning around rice field ; the sun rise, the greens, the blues & whites sky, the song of nature. What a peaceful, it’s like healing therapy to refresh my mind, body and soul.

So, have a great morning & don’t forget to pray, thankful & renew the intention. May good changing surround us.

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Meaningful February, Wonderful March


Alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli haal for February & March. Astaghfirullah for every mistake & stupidity had been made. These months gave me so many achievements.

February’s achievements were :
1. Release packet tour to Gili Labak Island – small island located in Sumenep residence. A movement & progress to step ahead for current business I really concern it.
2. Keep my consistency for fasting in the mid of month (Ayyamul Bidh), but unfortunately in the third day I didn’t fast coz I got sick and might consume some of drugs from the doctor. My ears were in trouble :), there was fungi in the right side that make my whole body interupted.
3. Complete 30 Juz of Qur’an and make a worship to Allah.
4. Even 28 February is my birth day, there was no special celebration, insyaaAllah… there always newer intention and better progress of my life. Of course, by His blessing, there must be insight to enlighten my steps.

Alhamdulillah wastaghfirullah for meaningful February, let the negative thinking & unuseful prejudice far away from my mind, body & soul. Be healthy & Keep being consistent…!!!.

Well, what about March’s achievements, MasyaaAllah…I got so many things inside & it was really wonderful months. Previous months’ evaluation made me to take another step, refresh it & believe it. In this month, I enjoyed my achievements & progressions in Capital City – Jakarta. What are the achievements :
1. Redefine current business’ progression and step.
2. Visited & Keep in touch some of friends and relative who already had new baby, his/her mother passed away, sick or just meet, chat & enjoy togetherness. Somehow, keep in touch with friends is reasonless, so don’t wait until they have “special moment” we visit them, but if we have chance to do it why not ?
3. Complete the project in one of education institution in Jakarta for creating special program of HR training. It related with Decision Support System
4. And so on, so on, so many stories, I must back to home :), currently I’m writing it in the middle of rice field, I’m sitting around the bridge…below is river. What a wonderful posting for today.

OK, have a better achievements for Today & may Allah pleasure surround our steps.

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